Norwex provides me with a better way to clean my home by using eco-friendly cleaners that get rid of dirt in just one swipe. I have the confidence knowing that Norwex’s products are safe and leave no toxic residue behind, which is important for families like mine who want to live an allergen free life. Norwex cleaning products are a way to clean your home, without the harsh chemicals and dangers that those chemicals carry. With only water, and their microfiber cloths as tools for cleaning up spills or messes of any kind in no time at all – it’s never been this easy or safe to keep your living space sparklingly clear from dirt and grime.

I know that it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! And with Norwex Enviroclothes I can be sure my whole family is safe from those yucky chemicals. Just grab your cloths and spray bottle of water and away you go. No harsh chemicals or fumes, only cleanliness! There are several starter kit options and the small one-time investment pays off as soon as you see all of those germs being wiped up like never before by your very own hands.

I was so excited to switch from the toxic, ammonia-filled window cleaners I had been using for years in favor of a much healthier option. Now all I need is my Norwex Window Cloth and some water on windows that are just sparkling clean every time!

I’m always looking to keep up with new cleaning trends, but what really caught me off guard when researching it was how many chemicals were being used around our homes – especially if you have children or pets who may be at risk (or even adults without any allergies). As soon as we started going through the process of switching over everything (including things like toilet cleaner) which by itself felt amazing!), we noticed a difference right away: less headaches; & clearer air quality.


I love having access to safe products at home without worrying about harming my loved ones who live here too – they’re busy enough making messes everywhere they go so they don’t need any help from me adding anything hazardous into the mix (thanks Kim!).

I can’t forget to mention the personal care products including cloths for make-UP removal, and the most adorable kiddie bath time products. They even have super powerful laundry detergent that is free of all of those yucky additives and chemicals! I don’t know about you but my skin gets very irritated by these things – so thankfully it’s not a worry with this product!


The benefits of using Norwex cleaning products are so great for the health & safety of your home and those near to your heart! Why use bleach when you can clean with water? If you’re against the idea of using bleach, these products will work wonders. When purchasing your starter kit from Kim, don’t forget the  microfiber cloths that have been specially designed to be safe for those suffering from allergies or asthma, there are no products on the market that even come close to comparison!

The benefits of using Norwex products are infinite. Not only will you have the peace-of-mind knowing that your clothes, furniture and carpets are getting a deep clean without any harmful chemicals but also it’s environmentally friendly! If these things sound like something that would interest you more than other cleaners give Kim a call because not only does she sell Norwex at her booth every Saturday morning from May long weekend – September long weekend 2
pm to 4pm at the Bentley Farmers’ Market but also offer demonstrations on how effective they can be for both adults and children alike. Don’t hesitate to contact her today at 403-704-5552 or email at Better yet, pop by the Bentley Farmers’ Market and ask Kim all about this product line she is so passionate about!