Cheesy Dill Halfwich


Cheesy Dill Halfwich

It can be very easy to be overwhelmed with all of the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables and massive variety of baking and other treats available at the market. I see so many delicious and unique things at the market each week, our vendors have always surprised me with new innovative combinations of food selections. This one was exciting to me as I am a huge dill pickle fan!

First we found some very reasonably priced jars of pickled, EVERYTHING, at the My Inner Hippie booth located in the outdoor section of our market. I couldn’t believe the massive jar of pickled eggs was only $12!! I am excited for these pickled asparagus I grabbed from Linda-Lee the owner of My Inner Hippie. I will be making caesars with a twist later this week, if these crispy snacks last long enough….

Next I stopped by the Keri’s Delights booth, also located in the outdoor section of our market. She bakes your favourite cookie flavours and some flavours like root beer too! I was delighted to find not only did she have her popular bacon and cheese bread, she had been experimenting….. Dill Pickle Bread!!! Um heck ya I will take a loaf of that! This loaf was only $. Note to self, remember to put this straight into the fridge.

Cheesy Dill Halfwich

This recipe is super simple but delicious beyond compare for those who are dill pickle freaks like me!

Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and start your oven on a low broil.

Simply slice your bread to your desired thickness.

Slice tomatoes * I grabbed these from our chemical free grower Thistle Hill Farms, another one of our outdoor vendors.

Mix 1 part relish to 2 parts Mayo, I am a fan of the zip of Miracle Whip personally.

Grate desired type and amount of cheese.

Spread Mayo mixture on your slice(s) of bread.

Next layer tomato to your desired thickness.

Top bread with grated cheese.

Place on foil lined cookie sheet and in oven.

Watch closely for a nicely browned cheese.

Top with uncooked picked asparagus for the perfect dill pickle crunch.