Did you know that the caesar was invented in Calgary, Alberta by a restaurant manager named Walter Chell. This drink is one of those “I’ll have what she’s having, drinks”. From my years bartending it was something we always noticed, once one person ordered you knew you had a few more quick to follow.

Seeing as today is Canada Day, this being one of my favourite drinks, and it being a Canadian invention of delicious, I thought what could be more perfect for our blog today.

A great many varieties of the caesar exist today with garnishes from the traditional lime & celery to pickles, asparagus, candied bacon, and now even a pound of hot wings or delicious burgers at my favourite restaurant in Lacombe, Cilantro & Chive. While this recipe doesn’t have a burger or a point of hot wings it does have something special and Canadian made to make it unique.

Rim your glass with a wedge of lime and spin it upside down on a plate with Mott’s Clamato Rimmer Salt.

Fill your glass with Ice

1-2 ounces of your favourite Vodka ( I like dill flavoured vodka for a little extra dill flavouring. Are you seeing a theme here?)

1 TBSP of Sunset Gourmet’s JalapeƱo Dll Pickle Hot Sauce (This is a Canadian based company out of Winnipeg.)

We have a wonderful Sunset Gourmet rep at the market every Saturday named Terry or you can order from her website at https://www.mysunsetgourmet.ca/terrybaumle

2 TBSP of Pickle Juice from your pickle jar

Pour Mott’s Clamato over your ice

A few shakes of Worcestershire sauce *this is one I don’t ever mess with no name brands, It’s gotta be Lea & Perrins

a dash of Rimmer salt

Give it a little stir. We love turtles so no plastic straws here!

1, 2, 3 or more delicious pickled Asparagus to make this drink a snack

Pickled Asparagus from our vendor My Inner Hippie is the perfect level of crispness with the best dill pickle flavour I have had in a long time. I find it easy to sit down and snack on a jar of these little tree trees, & garnish with a lime

From our kitchen to yours, Happy Oh Canada Dilly Caesar Day. May your home be filled with joy and delicious locally purchased food and drink!